Take a look at the work of Diamond Models' photographers and you will see the difference between them and other photographers. Time and time again, our photographers capture what makes each model, client, and project unique. They have perfected the art of photography by experimenting with countless combinations of different styles and positions of lighting, reflectors, lenses, and backgrounds. Our photographers' beautifully lit and aesthetically orchestrated scene are what have made them some of the most sought-after photographers in Irvine and Los Angeles. Their directorial work has garnered millions of views on TV and the internet.

Whether a photographer is conducting a photo shoot for Jesse McCartney, or a commercial photography for the Lifestyle Network, or even directing cutting-edge music videos, our photographers always impart a truly cinematic, one-of-a-kind feel to their work. They achieve this by never using cookie-cutter backgrounds or routine lighting set-ups—instead, they create individualized, perfectly tailored looks for each client. In addition, their passion for photography and knowing that each photo shoot is going to be seen by countless people motivates our photographers to produce only their best work.

Why Choose Diamond Models?

There is no scarcity of photographers in Los Angeles and Irvine, and by now you have most likely looked at many photographers' websites and even had photography studio recommendations from friends who had their actor headshots taken. You may be overwhelmed as to how to decide which professional photographer in these areas will meet your needs, fit your budget, and most importantly, care about you and your professional goals.

At Diamond Models, you will find a collaborative working environment where your dreams and aspirations are taken seriously. Moreover, by working closely with graphic designers, our photographers have acquired a certain set of skills and techniques that allows them to produce visually interesting photographs with perfect instances of exposure, flatness, contrast/saturation, color casts/white balance, and composition, such as focus, tilt, and centering.

Additionally, our photographers work closely with clients and models to get a better understanding of their ideas and produce photographs that fulfill the imagination and desires of the clients and models. Whether its an actor headshot, modeling photography for a composite card, or advertising photography campaign, we work in a fun, collaborative environment which yields phenomenal results.


Interested in becoming a photographer for Diamond Models?

Diamond Models is constantly looking for both aspiring and experienced photographers to join our team. You will be working alongside the best in the industry who share your passion of the art of photography. Not only that, you will also be working with the most attractive models in the modeling world who you can use to build up your resume. Experienced photographers who freshly join Diamond Models can start working with clients and models right away, while inexperienced photographers receive the training they need before directly working with clients and models. As you can see, there truly are no downsides to being a photographer with Diamond Models.We are looking for photographers within a wide variety of styles, so don’t hesitate apply now to join our exquisite team of photographers!