Diamond Models

After a lengthy process of research and development, including consultation with other top modeling agencies, Diamond Models has been created to make a fast, streamlined, and efficient service that gets proven results and is an essential tool for the modeling community.

The diverse group of models at Diamond Models come from different backgrounds and ethnicities, making our selection of models desirable to different focus groups. Nevertheless, they are all still expected to uphold the “Diamond Image” which guarantees that they will be professional, punctual, and personable. When hiring one or more models from Diamond Models, you are assured to have the best models in the business.

Our dedicated team of professionals has years of experience in the modeling industry. Furthermore, all of our models have had previous experiences with television, movies, music videos, and national and international magazine spreads. At Diamond Models. we pride ourselves in providing only the best models in the business.

Our goal is to make the entire process of hiring and working with our models as easy and pleasurable as possible for both, models and clients. For models, we provide them with profile customization, photographers, and many other services that will help them advance their modeling careers. For photographers, our easily accessible network of models makes it extremely convenient to find attracting people to photograph. For agents and agencies, our galleries and profiles give you the ability to discover new, aspiring models as well as experienced, well-known ones. No matter what your needs, Diamond Models has all the services needed to fulfill your needs. The combination of our hard-working team and our beautiful, unique models guarantee that you will have a pleasurable experience working with Diamond Models.



Photographers can search our database of international models to find the perfect match for your next photo shoot. Organize your talent and contact professional models through their agency and new faces via DiamondModels.com.

Photographers who wish to work with us, (Diamond Models Photographers) can explore even wider opportunities by creating official Diamond Models Photo Sessions and being the first to see and work with new talent, as well as building a portfolio using our models.


Modeling Agencies and Agents

Diamond Models provides modeling agencies and agents exclusive access to a vast array of our models, ranging from fresh new talent to proven professionals. With our professional photographers conducting photo sessions on a regular basis, we are able to show you previously undiscovered models and present them in a fresh, high quality, yet realistic, light. We show our new faces without the use of complicated hair and makeup, which allows you to see the model and all their potential.

Alternatively, modeling agencies and agents could search online through the selection of our professional models, view their profile and previous work to see if it is a fit for your agency or event. We categorize our models and list their vital and unique charactersitcs to help you find exactly what you are looking for fast!

Our Mission

Our mission at Diamond Models is to discover unique and attracting models and expose them to the world. However, it is equally important for us to get our clients amazing photos or videos that are attracting and marketable. All while maintaining a fun and enjoying attitude.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: Listening to people and accomodating their desires produces great relationships and working environments. That is why we always listen to our clients and models and only give advice when it is absolutely necessary.

Our Promise

At Diamond Models, we promise to make the process of hiring and working with our models as easy and pleasurable as possible for both models and clients. Also, we promise to take the time to get to know your individual needs and to fully understand your objectives. You'll leave with a product that is about YOU, not us.

So... What's in it for Us?

We offer paid for and free services. We can help you organize your portfolio, websites to promote yourself and much more.

Our clients scan the database for new faces daily and if you match their criteria then your profile will appear in their search among many other models with same statistics. In case they see your profile and they want to contact you they can do so by sending you an email or a message via our website.

Why Diamond Models?

  • Diamond Models gives you the opportunity to raise your modeling profile regardless of your experience, whether you are totally new to the modeling world or you are looking to boost your career.
  • By joining Diamond Models you get access to professionals from the world of fashion, advertising and media who are looking for talents and new faces
  • Diamond Models is safe. You can only be contacted by trusted partners and accredited agencies