Model of the Month

Jacquelin Davis

Birthday:  November 22, 1991

Hometown:  Fullerton, CA

Eye Color:  Grayish Blue

Ethnicity:  White

Languages:  English

About Me:

"I'm a California native and I have lived in Orange County all my life. My name is Ibette and I am single, twenty-two, and I work in the restaurant business as a sous-chef. I do volunteer work on the side as a part time dance-coach for young girls and I am very satisfied with my work."

I am new to the dating scene and am eager for a good time with that special someone. I bet it could be you!


I enjoy black & white noir cinema, rollerblading, singing, and I really love to dance. I learned to cook at a young age, and I am a sucker for chocolate cake. My favorite is the one with vanilla ice cream inside.